Who Am I, and Why Did I Create This Website?

I have purchased the “services” of each and every Law Guru featured on this website.

My name will remain a secret (for now) because some of the people I wish to talk about can be very threatening if you disagree with them or question their advice.

I am over the age of 30, married with two young children. I have a full time job and I am a homeowner. 

I “woke up” in 2018 at a time when I was up to my eyes in debt, and couldn’t afford to pay the council tax. Me and my wife were heading for separation and money worries were not helping. Life was not good. 

If like me you have become aware of the lies all around you, then you must remember the feeling when you first realise you’ve been conned. I was no different. I spent the next year of my life watching as many videos as I could. Some were informative, and some just made things more confusing. One or two people out there are very entertaining and made learning fun. Others made learning tedious, boring and difficult. 

I’ve never been very academic, so I find the paperwork aspects of the law quite difficult. I wouldn’t say I’m stupid – I’m just not that confident writing to government departments, or banks and courts. I’m getting better now, but a few years ago I found myself getting angry and frustrated. I wanted to fight back but felt that I lacked the skills to do so. I needed help – so I purchased the services of each of the above “gurus”. I believed they could help save my marriage by relieving the financial pressure I was under.

This website describes my experiences. I have dedicated one page of this website to each of the gurus I have had the misfortune of following. In most cases I have spent money for their services. In some cases I have spent £1000s and in others I have spent less than £100. 

My hope is two-fold: that I gain some therapeutic relief by exposing these people, and that my experience saves you time, and money, in your quest for freedom and sovereignty. 

I am pleased to say that my wife woke up 12 months ago and it changed everything. We still don’t have any money, and our financial situation has been made ten times worse by these gurus, but we – as a couple – are on the mend, and we are fighting this corrupt system together for the sake of our daughters. In a way – the corruption has brought us closer together.