Carl Hornsey-Wood

According to Carl -

You Can Own Your Name:

Simply buy a Limited Company under the Companies Act 2006

Make the Company Dormant

Trade Mark the Trading Style

And You Now Own Your Name!


Your STRAWMAN is not the Limited Company You Just Bought!

The State Allows you (Licence) to Operate that Limited Company - it does NOT belong to You!

Third Party Companies are able to Collect Debts from You.

If you try and "confuse" a Creditor by Intervening via the Limited Company - this does NOT wipe the debt and does NOT prevent Litigation.

Carl has misinterpreted Dean Clifford's teachings

Dean Clifford' never suggested buying a Limited Company. He suggested taking a position aside from your STRAWMAN or "thinking" of your STRAWMAN in that way.

Those who have had results have not done so based on anything solid in law, they have achieved results due to the ignorance of those enforcing the debts.

Carl's teachings are complete non-sense. I have confirmed this with numerous experienced lawyers. The Trade Mark ONLY protects the company - NOT the STRAWMAN. For example:
How many John Smiths are there?
If Paul Jones, creates a Company in the name of John Smith - he can trade mark the name John Smith. does that now mean that STRAWMAN John Smith cannot use the name John Smith? Obviously not.

Therefore - if British Gas contracts with John Smith STRAWMAN - any intervention by John Smith LLC is an interference by John Smith LLC - and could be viewed as a deliberate attempt to mislead or confuse.