Pete Stone - The Sovereign Project

Pete is another one of these gurus who comes across as down to earth, friendly, approachable. 

I attended one of his seminars in Leicester, with a few friends. 

The content was poor. He has obviously done a lot of research but seems to repeat the words of others. He has limited experience himself and he made a fatal mistake of admitting that he has not tried many of the processes he was encouraging others to use. 

I find that kind of behaviour completely reprehensible and unforgiveable.

How can you use people like guinea pigs and retain any credibility?


Going back a few years, a good friend of mine bought some time with Pete Stone. I attended that call too, although I was off camera. I’d already attended his seminar and had a dim view of his work. But my friend liked him and she insisted she wanted his advice. The advice she received was non-sense.

Pete has very little, if any, hands on experience. It seems to me that he wants to be a leader, and a teacher and not much else. I do admire people who put themselves out there and try to do some good – but spreading myths, false information and untried processes is dangerous.

I would not accept a free session with Pete if he offered it. Take from that what you will.