Mortgage Elimination Does Not Work

Direct Debit Indemnity Gets You Sued

Iain Clifford has not explained that the Direct Debit Indemnity Right of Claim will leave you in Debt and facing Legal Proceedings.  A friend of mine has already clawed back thousands and was immediately hit with a Freezing Order on his Bank Account.


If you have haven’t heard of this organisation – be grateful!   I paid them a fortune and I haven’t seen any results whatsoever.

I first heard about MF in 2021. They were offering a Mortgage Elimination service. As I write this down – it seems ridiculous that I should have fallen for it. I should have known better. 

Iain Clifford boldly stated that he had a 100% track record. It was his confidence which first sold me on the idea – plus I was desperate to get rid of that Mortgage – which would have really helped me out financially.  When his staff members backed up what he was saying I was convinced and handed over £thousands to have my mortgage disposed of. Who wouldn’t? What a difference that could have made to my family. 

A year later rumours circulated that it was a all a scam. 

Iain Clifford confidently played down the rumours and claimed that the rumours had been started by disgruntled ex-employees. “OK” I thought – that’s possible. It happens. I was hoping Iain was right and honest. I have spent more than half our savings backing him.


I was wrong. 

My mortgage is still outstanding and nothing has happened – instead I am getting calls to pay more money to Matrix Freedom for a new process! He was supposed to be giving away all these new processes to people that has paid for the first process.

At £3000-£4000 per Claim, Iain Clifford has destroyed families and taken life savings from people – all of whom believed he was telling the truth. 

He has never written off a mortgage. 

Five of the well known you tubers who have interviewed him have now distanced themselves! I’ve written this off as a complete loss.