Peter Wilson - Smash a Debt and Your Wallet!

His Back Story Doesn't Add Up - He Doesn't have the Expertise!

Peter comes across as really likeable. He has that common touch and seems willing to give his time to help people. 

But there is a big problem with Peter – because as nice as he is – I believe Peter is full of it.

I made the mistake of buying two things from Peter: a Status Correction package for £500 – which did not work, and a private trust for around £1000 – which I have since been told (from a solicitor) is “gobbledegook”. The solicitor said that the trust contains so many contradictions that it would either be ruled invalid or would require a court to decipher the intentions of the trust.

I have to say that this quite upset me. 

I believed he was the real deal. Then I got to thinking; if he woke up during COVID when the courts and many companies were locked down how did he conduct all his research, test the research and become qualified to teach others? 

He cannot possibly have gone to court because – even now – the courts have a backlog of cases which will last for years.


A man called Gumshoe has said that Peter stole the Status Correction and Private trust paperwork from him which doesn’t say much about Gumshoe.

Peter Wilson