Kali Spell


This is Kali Spell. 

I recently had a session with Kali. I feel it was a complete waste of money and time, and was in many respects, the final straw for me. 

She made me realise that I am best off relying on my own research and experiments. I need to see things for myself and not depend on the “expertise” of these gurus.

Some of the guidance she gave me was completely wrong and she has no real understanding of the foundation knowledge. It seems to me that she is very much like Pete Stone – she seems to have copied what others are saying and just repeats it.  Maybe she has a need to be in the spotlight.

When I asked to see proof of her successes she couldn’t show me anything. 

In all my years I am sure of one thing:- if you have no proof of what you saying – then what you are saying is most likely untrue.